Can you export code for just a single page?

I’m working off the Startup template. Like it. Am building a page within just that template but using various elements that the template uses on diffrent pages. So far no problem. But I want to export just the code for the page I built and not the 30+ other pages in the template. I know I could delete it from the .zip file but would be nice to have a simpler way. I suppose also even if I delete all the other pages, it will still delete the full CSS file, won’t it?

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Hello @joe_in_brooklyn

There’s no way to export the code for a single page at this point, but like you said you can delete them from the zip file or delete the pages you don’t need on your project.

If you delete the pages that you don’t need your css exported file will contain just the styles for the pages and elements that you have on your project.

Let me know if that clarify your question.


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The last sentence is a welcome relief. Thanks.

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Although that means I no longer will have the pages in the template that I
paid almost $100 for.

Yes, that is correct. You can use a template for one project alone, if you want to use the template for another site you need to purchase another license.

Thanks. But if I want to keep the template in Webflow and delete unneeded pages from the .zip file, I’ll still be stuck with a giant CSS file that references all the deleted pages. So I’m back where I started. Not able to really use the template as my reference while I build a new page or pages from the template. It’s a bit frustrating. But I appreciate your help.


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