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Can You Dynamically Remove an Item that isn't being used by a Referencing Collection?

Is it possible to dynamically remove a collection item from its collection (Collection A) if that item is not being referenced by any other item in Collection B, which is referencing Collection A? Sort of like an auto-archive feature or something like that?

The best example I can give of what I’m trying to accomplish is on the side navigation “Brand Name” of this client site:

If you click on those links, you will see that some of the brands have no boats in stock, so it would be ideal for my client for the brand names not to show unless there is a boat that’s referencing the brand.

That first question is so difficult for me to comprehend when I go back and read it, but that’s the only way I know how to explain what I’m trying to accomplish Thanks in advance for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Spencer_Irwin,

Yes, by using Conditional Visibility. See the tutorial here:

You’ll need to do this on a Template Page of that Collection, not on a regular page, the option is not available. :slight_smile:

See ya.

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Hey @garymichael1313. Thanks for the reply! I appreciate you bringing that up. That’s a perfect solution for the template pages. I’ve actually known this exists so maybe I just need to re-structure the site a bit to allow for it. Thanks for your help!

No problem, glad to help. Have fun!! :slight_smile: