Can you created an ordered that will automatically flow into a 2 column layout?

I have to put several long ordered lists into a site, I was wondering if you can have a list automatically flow into a multi-column layout? I played around with it a little and assume that the answer is no.


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Hello @ringer45,

To provide you with the best solution it would be helpful to see your website and do you have an example of what you want to achieve?


Look at Cyber Security section,


Hey @ringer45,

Apologies for the late reply, super busy with client work.

You can definitely flow the list into a 2 column layout.

  1. Put the div block containing the unordered list in the main parent div block so that it spans the full width
  2. Click on the unordered list element in the navigator (right menu) and scroll down to typography, in the last setting option in this box, enter the number 2 and hit enter.

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