Can you create a video lead magnet in Webflow?

Sorry, this is a general question.

How would I create a video lead magnet in Weblow where when you click on the play button brings up a lead magnet?

Exactly like [this] pretty much

Hi Yommy, you might need to post an example.
Also have a look at Wistia, it has the ability to embed forms in its video player as gates, or as a lead magnet at the end.

Sorry this example @memetican

In Webflow terms, that’s-

  • A background video
  • An interactions based modal, triggered on click
  • (optional) - An additional interaction with an animation overtop of the clicked video

There’s no actual playable video there, just a teaser clip.

Thanks Michael you are a legend.

I did just that and I’m following one of Webflows guides on how to build a popup landing page