Can you create a members area with login without using a third party?

Hey guys like the title says?

Wix has a feature to create a members area built within can webflow do this aswell?

Hi @john_wallace ,
Welcome to the forum. Currently it is not supported by Webflow. But they are in the planning phase of this feature.

3rd party solutions:


are you sure that they are still planning on implementing it? that post is two years old? has there been any further update on this?

Hi @john_wallace

They announced that it will be coming soon this summer during the Virtual Tour.

Hopefully this quarter, fingers crossed.


Awesome thanks mate,

Im considering using wix editor X or Webflow for 2 of my new sites (i have been using normal wix for the last 5 years,

Based on what you said i think i will move on over to webflow much appreciated

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What I said is pure speculation though. When Webflow announces something is coming soon it’s hard to know exactly when. But I think they are aware that user login is the corner stone of logic packed websites that the community needs right away. So I have a feeling they are super focused on it.

I will pop a champagne bottle when it’s there.
[Edit] I forgot I don’t like champagne, I’ll pop a beer instead.

Nice to know. Thanks

this would be so useful, really holding my finger crossed

i have actually used editor x, it is surprisingly good and they have fixed there bloated code issues i think as the page loading time are fast, faster then webflow