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Can you create a dynamic slideshow from a collection?

I have a Projects collection and a Project Photos collection with a one to many relationship between them. I wanted to put a Slider element on the Projects Template collection page that would show all of the photos associated with that project dynamically. I don’t want to have to add slides and bind each slide to an image.

In the Project Photos collection I have a field for Project Name so I could associate a photo to a project. I also have a multi-reference field in the Projects collection that allows the editor to add which photos are associated with that project. This is redundant, I know, but I did them both because I wasn’t sure which one I would need to use.

Is there a way to do this using the Collection list and the Slider element? Or a different way?

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Slider element is currently not CMS-compatible straight out of the box. As you already stated, the current workaround is to “add slides and bind each slide to an image”.

The alternative is to use your own jQuery slider plugin, and use custom code to load CMS items into it.

@samliew, thank you. Do you know of any good existing implementations of this in the community. I found one that was promising from a couple years ago but the user had already deleted the project.

No, but I can point you to the wishlist item as well as my website

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