Can you copy and paste animations from one project to another?

Hello there,

I just wanted to ask if we can copy and paste the animations from one project to another, I have two different accounts I’m working on, if I create a mouse hover animation on account X will I be able to copy and paste that on account Y?

Hey @Mohammed_Dhamankar

Yes you should be able to do that however it can come with all sorts of issues. Some examples would be:

Your interaction steps could get completely reordered
Your interactions might get multiplied a couple times ( you’d end up with a lot of duplicates )
Your interaction sometimes even when copied will just loose all of it’s targets etc…

So basically you can do it however you shouldn’t heavily rely on that feature as it sometimes may cause more confusion than actually assist you especially if copying it over from symbols/components.

Flow Ninja Team!

Okay, guess I’ll do it the old-fashioned way then. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I understand it might come with issues but how would someone go about copying the animation from one project to another?