Can you connect a card reader to accept payments when checking out at kiosk location

Building UI for a client and they want to be able to accept payments via card at a kiosk location for the product they are selling. Does anyone have experience with this type of project? or guidance?

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Hi @yourJuanandonly.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is not easily possible with Webflow Ecommerce. Though, if you’re using PayPal, you should be able to see in-person sales (via PayPal’s card reader) along with Webflow Ecommerce / PayPal sales in PayPal’s dashboard.

The same goes with our seamless Webflow integration: In addition, we integrate with Square. Online sales would be handled via Foxy (with Square as the gateway). In-person sales would be handled via Square’s POS hardware. Both types of orders (and customer data) will show in Square.

In addition, you could use Make, Zapier, Pipedream, etc. to send customer/order info to a centralized database like Airtable after each successful Foxy order.

Hope this helps some. Happy to chat if you have any follow up questions:


We don’t have a card swipe, but we integrate with both Square and PayPal