Can you change your Mailchimp newsletter subscripton URL?

Hi, Trying to find out if it is possible to change a Mailchimp newsletter subscription URL to something shorter, user-friendly, rather than the really long, unwieldy one that gets one to our newsletter signup page? Thanks for any advice.

Hello @hyphenate

Have you considered ? Or that doesn’t work with you?

Was wanting something short that tells what it is., whatever. The bitly would be a second, but lesser option, but thank you.

Maybe a redirect with your server company or even webflow? I’m not sure if that would work, but you should give it a try

Hi @hyphenate - Welcome to the forums.

You can embed a mailchimp signup form anywhere on a Webflow page / site. You can also add a Webflow form that pushes the subscribe info directly to mailchimp.

I suggest you review a these two university pages at Webflow.

And this one at Mailchimp.

Let us know if this addresses your use case.

Thanks, I will check these out. We have the newsletter signup on the site. I just want to add an easy URL to flyers, etc. Right now the URL from that signup page is a mile long.

You should be able to setup a redirect on your domain from’t-look-good-printed to the The process differs depending on the registrar but I can’t imagine it needing to involve anything on Webflow’s end.

Where’d you buy the domain from?

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Hi, That’s exactly what I am looking at. Trying to figure out now if a webmaster friend can set it up from outside the site and just do a redirect, or if I have to do it from within the hosting site. Not wanting to buy a new domain but figure it can be counted as a sub-domain, which I see I am allotted a good number. Thanks.