Can you add a parallax scroll effect to elements nested within a sticky section?

EDIT: Can’t figure out how to delete this post, it says I don’t have permission–but I figured out what I was doing wrong and no longer need an answer. Thanks!


I’m working on the home page of my portfolio, and would like to know if it’s possible to do a parallax scroll on elements (in this case, 3 images) if the entire section is set to sticky? Particularly, if the section is the hero and first to appear on page (aka already visible to start)

I have it set to sticky because I want the next section to scroll over like a stack of cards effect.
The link is right below to better explain what I’m talking about, I hope I’m making sense :sweat_smile:

I tried following the webflow university tutorial on parallax scroll effect, but when I tried to implement it didn’t move correctly. Any tips on how to proceed are greatly appreciated :pray:

(also appreciate highlighting any other errors you see, such as positioning settings, etc).

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Kristianne's Portfolio