Can Weblfow sites run in IIS?

I created a site on WebFlow to be used internally. However, after exporting and unpacking the .zip, not all the features are working. Specifically the dynamic function. Has anyone has exported to be used in IIS?

What dynamic function are you referring to?

IIS is capable of hosting a static HTML site.

I setup the site to use a quick links block (its a dynamic list) that pulls article titles from a bank of articles. I also have a dynamic block in my FAQ page that list the questions and when clicking on the question it reveals the answer .

Neither is working in IIS. The site is

This is what it should look like and how it should work:

It appears that when you export, you are only exporting the individual page and the associated CSS, JSS, and Assets for the page it self. It is not exporting the entire site and the folder structure. This means that I have to export each page, article, etc and associate CSS, JSS, and asset sub-folders. I have to create the folder structure within the IIS site folder.

Does anyone have an alternative that is less complex?

Hi @it-licensing,

From what I am seeing on your posts you are wanting to pull CMS data from a Webflow project and host it on another platform.

Unfortunately, you are NOT able to export CMS related content to another hosting platform. The only thing you will be export is the static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript info.

Webflow provides CMS related hosting.

Hope that helps and Happy Designing,

thanks for clarifying. I am slowing getting it to work… I just have manually build the folder structure. Not ideal but this is a temp situation. I am looking to build the entire sites within CMS so that editing is not as complicated next time.

Understandable @it-licensing, just keep in mind that CMS items will not export out of Webflow!

That dynamic structure is only available within the Webflow Hosting environment!