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Can webflow separate different form data?

So we have had to build 5 separate forms on Webflow as a way of capturing different data (thanks to the virus at the moment) the forms work great and do exactly what we need to do except I don’t know if there is an easier way to separate the data per form?

Obviously we can find a way to do it in the CSV but our lives would be much easier if there was a way for the dashboard to separate it for us?

I had a dive through the forums and found an answer that would have worked but that was all the way from 2015 and the interface has changed since then.

Can anyone help at all?

Hey @AmandaP, and welcome to the Webflow Forums!

To answer your question, the dashboard does separate out form data for you. Take a quick look at this screenshare I made for you. In short:

  • Give a name to each form
  • The Form Tab under project settings separates out responses by each form

Is this what you were hoping for? If not, let me know, and I can keep helping :slight_smile: