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Can webflow return a single line JSON as response?

I am using Webflow to server my marketing website on but I am also running a Synapse server, which requires a .well-known to be published at that only returns a single JSON object { "m.server": "" }

Any tips on how I could trick webflow into returning ONLY this { "m.server": "" } object?

I would love this feature as well! A couple of related links: Upload JSON file "apple-app-site-association" - #19 by vongohren and Clean asset links: Host assets on a site's Custom | Webflow Wishlist

No solution btw

@ericmigi you managed to do this, how :smiley:
You the json hosted on your page, or some other CNAME or something

I see he employed Cloudflare.

@Honza_Poboril1 how do you see this? @ericmigi want so share?