Can Webflow Membership replace Memberstack?

I am working on building members features on my site, not for newsletter or gated content, but more like a personal and user-specific financial dashboard, with things like user’s unique documents, personal info that they can update, their balance etc.
I’ve seen many tutorials about different hacks to do that with Memberstack, but it’s not clear to me that you can do that with just the new Webflow Membership and a database on Airtable for example. I don’t even see a unique user ID on a user account and everything seems pretty limited in terms of features. Has anybody tried or any ideas on what’s possible here ? Can you push infos from Airtable to match a specific user’s account on Webflow ? thanks a lot !

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I don’t have an answer but i have the same question. I’m sure we really appreciate any comment about it

Hi @yannicali75 :wave: welcome to the forum.

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At the moment, no. It’s not going to give you the flexibility you’ve described. In the future it may, but not right now.

Currently, your analysis seems spot-on.

There are three big features I’m seeing asked a lot in the BETA forum;

  1. The ability to get the currently login state, and the current logged in member info ( name, email, custom fields )
  2. Element/page/folder gating at two levels - login/logout, and by access group
  3. CMS item-level gating at three levels - login/logout, by access group, and by specific Member

The teams seems to be focused on #2, and will release the first part of that in Dec, with access group gating sometime after.

For your use case, you need Member-level gating so that you can store and deliver content per-Member. I haven’t seen anything announced regarding that yet, but the team is aware that it’s strongly desired by the community.


Thank you so much for your replies, that’s what I was thinking. What limitations have you seen when using Memberstack to build user-specific accounts, dashboards…etc ? are does it do the job well? I’ve seen people playing with Wized, but it seems it’s still very much a work in progress. Also, have you seen anybody using payments APIs like Plaid to enable users to connect to their bank account within a user’s Webflow/Memberstack account?

No, for my clients I’ve only built custom membership solutions, because they have large internal customer databases. I’ve never used MemberStack but what I’ve read looks pretty well designed. Of course it has the disadvantage that it’s external to the Webflow design env, and running on different servers, but otherwise a very capable solution.

You’ve got the same situation with Webflow’s Commerce v. e.g. Foxy. You may find more features there, but it’s a separate admin system and will never integrate as tightly as Webflow can.

Honestly, you may just need to rely on the services that have the capabilities you need, until Webflow’s new subsystems ( commerce, memberships ) expand enough to include the features you rely on, like specific payment gateways and methods.

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Thanks a lot and @memetican @ChrisDrit !

It does the job very well. It’s extremely flexible. I’ve used it a lot.

There are limitations, but it has the least limitations of all the solutions I’ve used.

The big difference to be aware of between Webflow Memberships and Memberstack is the latter can only “hide” your pages while the former (Webflow) truly blocks access.

Meaning someone can access your password protected pages with Memberstack (though, unlikely). But for the work I do that hasn’t mattered so the benefit that it provides outweighs that (for me).

Here are some screencasts walking through Memberstack + Webflow:

…and many more if you dig around on my blog.

Hope that helps!