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Can Webflow handle this interaction?

First, thank you to whoever can help me!!!

Can Webflow do this?:

Similar to any stadium, or travel seating where we see the seats available and those already sold, I want to mimic this interaction for an ad book.

Whichever of the three buttons a client hovers over: 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or whole page, I want the represented ad shape to correspond in real time what the 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or whole page will look like on the page of the ad book.

I will need to make sure if part of a page is sold, but the rest of that page is available that the “whole” page option becomes unavailable. I.e. I don’t want to sell a 1/4 page slot and then the website to allow someone else to purchase a whole page on that same page.

Once portions of the page are sold, I will need the functions to limit the options available to only the spaces left. I have already begun to experiment with the interactions on my site, but before I bother designing anything want to know if Webflow can even handle this function.

My site consists of a square and three buttons to see if I can change out images once a slot is sold as well as depict how much of that page is still available. I sincerely hope I’m making sense.

Thanks again to whoever can assist me!


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I can see this as a grid you design, and the ITEMS you sell, would be part of a CMS collection.

Set up the layout, integrate with e-commerce CMS or CMS galleries.

Have a filter set to basically block out any items that are sold.
Done deal.

Refer to my client’s e-commerce for example.

I have it set to say ‘SOLD’ when an item is sold.

Almost anything is possible in Webflow, I truly believe it.

Thanks for the detailed reply bro! Nice job on your own site!

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Little update- because she wants to upload on eBay and keep Instagram product tagging, we are signing up for Ecwid shopping cart and I will be embedding it onto the website.

Ecwid will take care of those nuances such as this. But I’m glad I could help.