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Can Webflow do something like this?

Can Webflow do this (see link), enlarge a clicked image and then allow arrow key navigation thru all the images? With no visible sliding?

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I ran into a lot of trouble while doing my first professional webflow site for a client when I was looking for inspiration on the wider internet.
While you’re still getting the feel for what Webflow can do, and what it does with ease, I suggest looking for inspiration from webflow sites, check out solutions that are already documented.
I suspect that what you have there is doable, but it takes a lot of understanding of webflow’s logic to piece it together easily.
I hope some heavyweight swings by with a quick answer that’s more helpful than mine. But if not, I think your quickest route to an elegant, appealing presentation of photographs from a grid like that is looking for such an example in the Showcase and the Templates..

Or you could hire an expert for this one task/consultation. I am not one of those :slight_smile:

I visited the showcase and typed in “photographer”.
This is the first link, you can clone and play around with it. [edit: you can’t clone this one, but there are others]
I am 100% sure that you can always turn off animation.

Hi, you can actually do it with built in Webflow’s lightbox, except you won’t be able to change the way slides transition.

Will the left/right arrow keys work with linked Lightboxes?

Yes, arrow navigation works with Webflow lightbox. With custom code you can hide thumbnails and make photos loop.

I just set up a linked Lightbox group and the keyboard arrow keys and escape key already work without coding! Is that just a mac thing or will it also work on a pc?

And do I have any control over the Lightbox background (color or image)? And the size?

Keyboard works anywhere. You can style lightbox by custom code only.

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Are there any tutorials on how to custom style a lightbox by code?