Can we transfer my wordpress website to webflow?

Can we transfer our website wcuniforms to webflow without getting hit on the traffic and sales ?

Hello @Michael_Steve and welcome!

Since your site has a lot going on especially since it’s a sizable E-Commerce website, this is not a simple yes or no, so before you think about coming over to Webflow there are somethings to consider:

  • Why do I want to move to Webflow? What makes me unhappy about WP or my Web Host?
  • What functionality do I need?
  • If Webflow doesn’t have that functionality, am I okay with third-party addons / the technical work that could be required to get that functionality (if possible and reasonable)?
  • What commerce requirements do I have and can Webflow accommodate those?
  • Is there any other considerations I need to factor in when migrating?
  • Am I willing to build this all myself?
  • Am I willing to hire someone if I am not?

One thing off the bat I’d say you’d need to consider is Webflow and WordPress are not the same platform and do not do all the same things. Also, your existing customer accounts will more than likely be lost.

As far as your original question, those aren’t things (traffic & sales) that are not platform dependent so someone giving you a definitive yes or no wouldn’t be appropriate.

I hope this helps and if you have further questions, feel free to ask.