Can we integrate BotPenguin with Websflow?

How to integrate BotPenguin with Webflow eCommerce website? can anyone guide me?

Welcome to the community @Jerry_L_Tran!

I’m not able to find any public-facing installation instructions, however when I go to this page (Chatbot for Website) there is a section towards the bottom that makes it sound like you just need to copy a single line of code:

Typically this type of code will go in the custom code before the </body> and if you’re wanting it to render on every page, you’ll add this under the Project Settings. If you want it to only run on specific pages, you’ll move this into the same area of custom code (before the </body>) but this time, it will be within the appropriate Page Settings.

If you run into any issues don’t hesitate to let me know :+1: