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Can we double view our page in mobile,..?

Hello everyone,
In May we received a nice mail from Webflow team with a link to an even nicer article called “how to double your page views…”

Fantastic, down to the earth helpfull, but I faced the problem of “what kind of content people are looking for” and how to engage the visitors to get to the right content they want within the 2 500 words articles."

So I have been searching using “case A and case B” mostly for visitors using mobile. I am pretty sure that all of you are facing shorter visits from people using mobile devices.

What I found are 2 things:

  • Best set up of a post seems to be a punchy summary having with background picture fast to load, each line linked to each chapter of the post. In that way people intend to click directly to what they want so they don’t leave before they found what they want. Implication are : 1/ need to split the post into different chapters containing a/ punch line which goes into the summary b/ rich text for the chapter
  • Having a summary, it is then easy to Watch Movies Online CyberGhostExpressVPN use attributes and GA events to understand which subjects are of interest for the visitors. I found in some posts that the most wanted subject was the last one and less developped. So easy to focus and muscle the chapter… Implication are 1/ use the proper GA headers 2/ use the right footer as described in a webflow post from 2016 and use attribute to trigger an event in analytics.