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Can we create dynamic urls based on filters?

Hi new to Webflow,
not sure if feature is available or possible (or just a noob not seeing the right buttons) - I’m looking for a way where i can create dynamic urls - based on collection filters etc,.

example - might be:
collection: Books with reference field Genre.
I can have a Books page template with a set URL
and i can have a Genre page template with a set url

Does webflow do dynamic urls where i can create a filter
“show books where genre equals adventure” and the url is dynamically created.
it creates a template page /books-adventure

each time i create a new filter i have all the filter page templates available so i can edit.

or can we pass URL variables to a page and filter?
eg, create a url /books?genre=adventure
and have the page filter the display.

direction to tutorials and videos would be all i need. :slight_smile: