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Can We Add A Template To An Already Existing Project


I was wondering if I could add a template to an already existing project I have. I didn’t realize each project was attached to our accounts, and so I started designing my page on a new project instead of the start-up one which I was initially using to follow along with the tutorial but figured I’d be discarding. But I realized after a bit of design (fortunately I wasn’t too far into it) that the CMS subscription I’m paying for belongs to my default project and so I would like to redesign it and add a better choice of a template to it.

I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find out how I can add a new choice of templates to a project that already has one that I don’t really care for. Is there a button or something from a dropdown list I’m not finding? Or are we given a one-time choice to select our templates at the beginning of a project and stuck with them after that and no options to change them?

Thanks for the help and anybody who responds :slight_smile: