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Can we add a list image under assets tab?

I found this solutions in other thread ul { list-style-image: url(‘yourimage.gif’); } but i would like to know if its possible to put the image under assets tab in designer editor and generate a link to copy and paste in the custom code, because after all, when we export the webflow files, we can use the file path in image folder to store that list image.

Yes you can.

And it’s quite easy, because if you click on the little gear icon on an image in the asset manager, then you get another little arrow icon that has the permalink of the image. Click on it to open it in a tab or richt click it to copy the link and paste it in your custom code.

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Ok, but another question, if I exported the site to our own server do this link still works?

Absolutely not. The link is relative to a location on the fastly CDN. It gets converted when you export. When you export the link is, relative to the root of your site, /images/filename, I’m pretty sure.

Ok thanks, so i guess when we export the file, we have to change the link

I couldn’t help but notice your screenshot @vincent Nice choice! :wink: I’m honoured!!


Hahaha I am always fraid that users will come and say “what the hell are you doing with my site!”

The truth is, and I imagine you figured it out, when I have a shared site opened I get lazy and use it to answer the next questions on the forum :smiley: I try to be discreet and not show confidential info :slight_smile:

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No worries at all. For me was more like a compliment.

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