Can this be replicated in Webflow via API?

Example UI:

(User inputs “From” & “To” fields - connected with Google Places API)

(User then selects a vehicle with dynamic price calculated via set rate)

(User inputs personal information related to booking)

(User gets directed to Success page following Stripe payment)

Here is a live working example of this which we need to copy:

We need a distance calculator via Google Places API to output a number based on POINT A to POINT B and calculate a static set rate (£1.65, £1.95, £2.20 per mile)

Example to better explain what I mean below:

X = Rate (per mile)
Y = Total Price
API output = Distance (miles)

API output * X = Y

Point A: Southampton, UK
Point B: London, UK

65 (miles) * £1.65 (rate) = £107.25 (total price)

Can I pay someone for help on implementing this into WF ?


Since what you want to do is custom, It might be best to solicit the paid help of a developer by posting in the Freelance cat.

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Will do this. Thanks

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Hello! I’m also intrested in such thing for my WF project.

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