Can;t see one of my pages

I am having trouble on my website. on page named cuisine i can’t see it on the desktop page but can see it on tablet and phones. can anyone help? also on the tablet how can i make the boxes appear in a row of three??? thank you
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Unfortunately, I can’t find a fix for your 1st problem.
The page doesn’t load on Designer Mode, but it does on Preview Mode.

I think it may be cause of the amount of images you have on your site, which are quite cumbersome,
but I would guess Webflow’s platform could handle such a load.

Think about compressing your images.

For your 2nd problem, regarding the placing of three columns in a row.
Your problem is with the structure of your site.

You’ve created multiple containers, and placed them side by side to create a grid.
That is not the right way, as it limits your control of the grid because elements are placed according to the placement setting you gave them (relative, absolute etc.)

The right way is to structure the elements inside a Columns element.

You can learn more about the Columns element by watching Webflow’s Courses like this one.

Hope I helped and good luck Athina!

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