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Can’t Reorder Images

When I try to drag an image from CMS to reorder.
The image is not allowed to be reordered and creates a new problem, creates a duplicate of the selected image.

See this screen shot from another post with the same problem:

There is a workaround for this?
I cant find a official report of this issue. I would like to have it identified so that I can follow up on it.someone knows?

Thanks a lot for reading

@Smallpotion ~ Welcome to the community!

This feature should work. I have found that things like this happen to me for a couple of reasons. Either slow internet speed or your computer’s memory close to full. When I use After Effects and Webflow, I get some weirdness like that. Be sure and use Webflow in incognito as well. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Danny it’s help! Is a workaround, but my client is still not very happy with the solution. Breaks again within minutes.
I was thinking of making an extension that clears WF memory or something like that. Let’s see how that ship comes out.

I still hold that this is a bug, and want to know the proper place to report this and wait for the solution. Do you know where is that place?

Thanks a lot for your time.