Can’t get image size between biggest phone size and smallest phone size right!

Hey can someone help me?

I have switched everything to EM as you guys said. But now I can’t get the picture right from the iphone 6 to the iphone SE. You only offer one option.

So how do I make it fit on all these phones.

<img src="//" width=“470” height="500”>

For the final step phone, which is the phone webflow uses, it looks fine.

<img src="//" width=“489” height="500”>

Also, it’s really not correct that this font size is moving steadily from device to device? EM… what am I missing?

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Hey @Aimanisms

I would suggest using “vw” instead of em or px for a image as it will be a percent of the screen width. That way you’ll have the same ratio of size with each screen.

Hope that helps!

@Cameron_Johnson that helped lots :slight_smile: FIIIIXEEED. Thanks for this

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Awesome! Glad it worked!

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