Can’t edit links to social icons in the footer

In the bottom right of my site, in the footer, there are 3 social icons. When I click on them, there doesn’t seem to be any way to add in the links where they should point. Right now, they point to webflow’s Twitter and FB. Where would I put in the links so that they point to mine?

Hi there,

Not sure if that’s perhaps a Webflow template that you’re using there but usually links are created and modified in the Settings (D) tab in the designer.

I’ve uploaded a small GIF to show where I mean.

Hopefully if you click on one of the icons and then go to that section you will see the links in there. If not then I’m sure someone will be along shortly who knows that template to let you know where to change them.

Anyway, hope that’s the right thing for you and it helps a bit.

Best wishes,


Thank you, Mark. That solved it. I was selecting the image, rather than its parent link block. Appreciate the tip!

Hi John,

Ah yes, that would do it. Definitely need to go up a level from the image to get to the link block and then they’ll appear.

If you weren’t aware already but if you’ve got something like that image selected and you want to traverse through the parent or child elements of it then you can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to do that so in this instance if you had the image selected then you can press the up arrow to move into the link block then (as long as you have that settings tab open) you’ll see the links appear.

Anyway, glad you have it all working now.

Good luck with the site.

Best wishes,


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