Can´t delete classes in selector field

I’m new to Webflow, it seems an amazing tool, although coming from working directly with code I find difficult to grasp how the Selector field / Style manager work.
What I can´t do right now is to simply delete a class not with cursor + delete neither with the little menu (which only offers the option for the last style anyway):

It’s not possible for any reason, is it a bug…?

The link for the project is:


Thanks in advance, Alejandro.

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That would be because ‘green text’ is a SUB-class of ‘red text’. You have to delete the last one created.

i am having the same problem. @DragonDon it’s not an issue with the order of deletion. when you try to delete the last one it does not and instead flickers to the previous one and so forth as seen in the gif. the more i use webflow the more buggy it appears to be unfortunately.

That doens’t make sense. The gif only shows the lack of a ‘remove’ option on a higher-level class. Shows nothing about being unable to be deleted. Maybe if you could record the issue and post it up in it’s own thread.

There has been no update from @Ideagonal, so can’t say what he has/hasn’t done yet. He only showed how things work :smile:

that’s because in a gif you can’t show yourself pushing the delete button on your keyboard first. he first tries deleting with delete key which cause green to go dim. he then tries again and hits the delete key which makes red go dim. then he tries deleting using the dropdown menu. this is exactly what was happening to me.

Hmm, there is still something that seems out of sequence.

I am unable to repeat this ‘error’ (which I suspect is not an error but just not a function for that field any ways).

There are two basic states that I can see which would cause some confusion.

The first state is when you load up the page to be edited. Then you select the element that has multiple classes on it. At this point you CAN’T delete individual elements for the obvious reason that if you hit delete it’ll delete the whole element because it’s selected.

The second state is when you click on the pencil icon in the Selector field. Here is obviously where you can create a new class but you can’t delete anything because nothing is selected. If you hover over any of the classes you get the expected dropdowns (rename/remove on the last one, and rename on the higher-order of classes). At this point using a keyboard seems rather silly because you can very easily move the mouse a few millimeters and remove the last class. Delete won’t work because nothing is ‘selected’ and only ‘hovered’ over. If you select the last element, the Selector Field reverts to a ‘non-edit’ state as if you first just selected the element main page.

However, if you hit backspace, because the cursor is in the ‘create new class’ position, THAT will delete the last class(like a normal text editor deleting the previous character/word).

So, where/when exactly are you trying to use the delete key?

the last part…hitting backspace when the cursor is in the ‘create new class’ position…and that is what we are saying…there are instances when the last class WILL NOT delete. and you see what is in the gif. it only seems to happen sporadically when there are a lot of classes. i can’t show you an example because i don’t have one right now. when it was happening to me last night i just deleted the entire element…duplicated an element with the same classes and i could then delete fine. that is why i believe it is a bug.

if it comes up again…i will check all of the steps you mentioned above and see if i still can’t delete just to rule out user error. i am working on a site all day today so their will be ample time for it to pop up lol


That’s kinda strange. You’ll need to include your OS/Browser as well as this doesn’t happen to me(not saying I’ve not run into other issues in the past…).

Also, try it with no browser extensions running as well (safe mode/incognito mode).

See if the problem replicates on a completely different machine.

Too many variables to say it’s only one source.

If the problem happens for you on multiple machines, multiple browsers, then I’d safely say it’s an ‘account’; issue and email the support guys.

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