Can´t access the editor

Hey community,

my client and I can´t log into the site-editor via /?edit.
The string /?edit get´s deleted when the page begins to load.
I didn´t change anything on the page. This behaviour just came up and I don´t know why.
Also tried to delete all cookies/cache and incognito mode.

Apprechiate your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Works for me (tested safari/OS X). Do you see the login banner at the bottom of the page?

No the login banner is not showing up.
You´re right, it works on Safari (also OS X), but it´s not working on Chrome (OS X).

I would test with the cookie banner disabled to isolate.

I tested it with the cookie banner disabled.
Here is a blank page inside the project: admin

I think it has to do with the page-load transition in my footer code.
But what makes me nervous is, that I haven´t changed something on the site code.
Maybe webflow changed some blocked class names.

May you have an indea where this issue is coming from?

This is my head-code

body .transition {display: block}
.w-editor .transition {display: none;}
.no-scroll-transition {overflow: hidden; position: relative;}
%{ fix glitch effect %}
body > *:not(.cc-footer-section,.cursor){
	opacity : 0;
%{ End fix glitch effect %}

This is my footer-code

let transitionTrigger = $(".transition-trigger");
let introDurationMS = 1600;
let exitDurationMS = 1000;
let excludedClass = "no-transition";
// On Page Load;
$('body > *:not(.cc-footer-section,.w-webflow-badge,.cursor)').animate({opacity:1},{duration:300})
setTimeout(() => {$("body").removeClass("no-scroll-transition");}, introDurationMS);
// On Link Click
$("a").on("click", function (e) {
  if ($(this).prop("hostname") == && $(this).attr("href").indexOf("#") === -1 &&
      !$(this).hasClass(excludedClass) && $(this).attr("target") !== "_blank") {
    let transitionURL = $(this).attr("href");;
    setTimeout(function () {window.location = transitionURL;}, exitDurationMS);
// On Back Button Tap
window.onpageshow = function(event) {if (event.persisted) {window.location.reload()}};
// Hide Transition on Window Width Resize
setTimeout(() => {$(window).on("resize", function () {
setTimeout(() => {$(".transition").css("display", "none");}, 50);});
}, introDurationMS);