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Can symbols have style variations? (height,alignment,etc)

Hi there!

so I’ve got this website based on cards with different styles and I built these styles and made them symbols.

Now I realised I need more variations, like a card with the same style should have height 720,900,or 1080px. Is this possible to have this kind of variation within the symbol?

Or how can I edit the style of a specific symbol instance without affecting the others?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Not yet. Symbol Content Override has just been published, you can change many things in the symbol but not yet the styles.

if you read at the end of @brjohnson’s feature introduction post, you will see that style override is coming next. No date though.

Cool, got it.
I’ll probably use cmd+shift+a to unlink the symbol and add the custom styles until that feature comes out.