Can symbols be actual /includes files?


"Symbols" are supposed to represent include files so why has this not been implemented during the website export?

e.g - includes/header.html

This would be AMAZING & speed up implementation when passing it over to other developers than having to go through all files?

Is there a real purpose?

This is not my understanding of Webflow Symbols.

Perhaps I’m mis-stating their intended purpose…

  • but Webflow Symbols are used to save a block of Design
  • which can be inserted into other parts of the websites.

In doing this…

  • it allows the Designer to maintain a block of Design
  • over several portions of the website.

For example:

  • A DIV that contains the clients contact info.

If this info used on 5 different pages (and the info changes)…

  • you have to change it in 5 different places.

If you instead create a Symbol from one of the instances…

  • you could place the Symbol on the 4 additional pages
  • instead of replicating the Design block.

The advantage being reusable Design blocks / Code.

Using the above example

  • Changing the Symbol on 1 page
  • will change the address info on all 5 pages.

If Symbols have other purposes

  • I haven’t encountered them yet.

I am aware of this and taking full advantage of it within the designer.
I’m speaking of when the files are exported. can symbols be treated as “a block of Design” via includes?

e.g - I make home & about pages (in webflow) - make and use a symbol called “header” on both pages.

I export all files.

it would be great to see includes/header-symbol.html and inside index & about.html <include header-symbol.html">

Hope i’m making sense - I can see how this will be annoying later when I hand over the files then want to make an update… I know we can’t expect webflow do all the work but this would be nice :smiley:

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ic. That would be a nice feature.

No you cannot do that “currently”. Not sure if it’s in Webflows future plans either.

I do this via php all the time - but it requires that I clipped the code and modify the site to include the code.

You might want to add that to the Webflow Wishlist.


Go and vote if you agree! :slight_smile:

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what ? …

OP is not asking a question about an existing feature…
the feature he’s asking for - doesn’t exist.

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I guess he’s referring to actual “symbols”…