Can someone please explain to me how this website works?

Hello guys!

I just want to know exactly how this website works ( it was built on webflow.
So I want to know exactly what happens after they sign up for a free trial or a demo, what integrations are used and everything related, I am looking to do something similar for a client.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @David_SG the best will be to create video to explain what you are looking for as Im not signing (giving my email) to some service I’m not interested in. On landing page they advertise Email and SMS marketing for costumers so my guess will be use of something like Twilio API on background but I didn’t look in detail on their page.

Their landing page is built in Webflow, but for all we know, the actual application/service could be built in anything. You should post this kind of question on a freelancing board like upwork.