Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Can some please look at this page and give feedback please

I am still working on it. I just want general feedback (looks, performance and any change)

Here is my public share link:

I would make the text more interesting, as well as more interesting icons. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Trainers is spelled wrong in your nav, just fyi.

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I would give the nav logo some more padding on both sides and center the nav links:

I would make this gray line a lot thinner

Make the trainer and Philosofy headers both the same color or maybe do something with the colors in the logo?:

Decrease the width of this line a bit:

You don’t have to do all these things, it’s just what i think might look good :slightly_smiling:

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Good start. I would do something more unique with the nav bar. Since this is the top of your website it needs to be strong.

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