Can some one help me please

Hello guys, I’m having this horizontally scroll which I don’t know how to get rid of. I do not even know when this even happened.

This is my only view link

Hey @Account_Capi, you have set a fixed width of 450 px; to your sticky div blog side. This is causing the overflow you’re experiencing.

Thanks so much, you made my day

I’m so sorry to say this but can you check the problem on my home page too, I don’t know why only the blog post was fine but not the homepage.

@Account_Capi No problem at all. I can see the horizontal overflow on your live site, but not inside the Webflow Designer. Please generate a new read-only link and paste it here so I can have a look. Thanks!

This is the new link, please let me know if something wrong

@Account_Capi, thanks for the link.

It looks like the cause of the horizontal scroll can be found here:

Body content > Hero > Container (1.) > Interactions > Hero Animation (Scroll) > Circle Image (Scale).

I have found this by deleting your sections one by one. Doing this helps you narrow down the location. When you have found the section, look at all of the elements inside and repeat the process until the causing element can be determined.

I hope this helps.