Can site search find Tags inside collections?

I set up site search and it’s searching the content of my pages great. However, I tried to search based on a specific tag inside a multi-reference collection. And alas, no results.

Does Webflow’s Site Search index collection tags?

You will need to include the “Tags” field in the search results layout. To do this, select the “Search Results” page and then select the search results element. In the right-hand panel, select the “Collection Items” tab and drag the “Tags” field into the search results layout.

Thank you for your reply @Port_of_Folio ! However I’m not following. What “search result element” should I be selecting?
Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 5.24.31 PM

Hey Brent,

The search results page only governs how the results are presented, it doesn’t govern what is indexed. You’d need to publish your tags into the collection pages that you want indexed.

Basically you’d need to drop in a collection list, and bind it to your multi-ref field.

Note that you’ll want to think about how much weight you want tags to have in your search results too. I’m guessing, but most HTML indexing engines weight H1’s higher than P’s or plain DIV text content, so you may want to emit those tags as headings and then style them specially to fit your desired design.

There may be accessibility consequences to playing this game, so consider that as well.

Also remember it takes 24 hours following a change for your site to re-index, so you won’t know the results for another day. Its a tedious process.

Thanks Michael! Sorry, I’m still at a loss as to what to set up and where.

Here’s my link: Webflow - Hubspace Support site

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but if it’s Questions that you’re wanting to appear in search results on a tag search, you already have your tags listed there-


Here are my Collections:

Then within the questions, I have the multi-reference Tag field that I can add to each question

When I perform a site search, it’s not returning a question result if I search a tag word (ie., “doorlock”)

For some reason you’ve excluded your tags collection list from search;
On your Questions page;



Ok, this is weird. When I uncheck that “Exclude Collection List Wrapper’s content from site search results” on a page it automatically reappears the next time I open that page within Webflow. It’s like it’s not saving that setting and automatically reverts back to being checked when I leave the page. Have you seen that before?

No, but you might walk your way up the element hierarchy and see if it’s set on a parent element.
Otherwise sounds like a bug, best to check that with support.

Thanks again. I’ve submitted a support ticket.

I am having exactly the same issue. I added a Collection to a product page that is being indexed normally, but this extra collection inside the product page, where I add a some extra info, is always checked to be “excluded”. I select the items, go to the Parent element, uncheck the exclusion, everyhting looks fine, but when I reload the page or update the search index, Webflow automatically exclude those fields again, this is very frustating.

@Brent_Bamberger and @JorgeQ did you guys ever find a solution for this? I’m stuck with the same issue!

I’m having the same issue. Is there a solution?