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Can radio Buttons Show/Hide different parts of your page

Is it possible to make a radio button SHOW a div block, and then hide it when another radio button in the same group is clicked?

In other words, I want parts of my page to display depending on the option that is clicked.

Can this be done?

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Maybe use WF interactions? or maybe fake it using WF Tabs and putting Radio buttons in the Tabs?

That Tab idea is absolute genius!!!

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The problem with this approach I am finding is that the radio button won’t actually be selected unless the user actually clicks on the label text itself. If they click anywhere outside of the text the tab will show but the corresponding radio button won’t be selected.

Any ideas on how to overcome this?

Figured it out:

After you export the code, combine that classes of the “a” tag and “label” tag and apply the “label” tag around the “w-clearfix” div for each tab element and that will make the entire tab selectable as a radio button as well.

Kinda hacky, but it works!

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