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Can one add a payment method?

I have a tattoo shop wanting to add a “Pay deposit” option. I was wondering if there is any integration i could add that uses credit and debit card and not just paypal to accept deposits from customers. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you

Hi @Andres_Mancera

Are the deposits for the shop always the same amount(I doubt it but if they are there is a reasonably simple solution)?

Hey @Andres_Mancera,

You could use the Stripe integration to take payments instead of paypal. There are going to be transaction fees through Stripe, but that is with every payment processor AFAIK.

Here is the link that takes you through Stripe integration with Webflow.

Okay i see, I researched them and it said Stripe currently does not offer credit card processing for offline retail stores. Does this mean it only works for websites right? Because they are a brick and mortar business

Theres 2 options but thats it. Whats your solution boss?

Mine is also Stripe, and there is a couple ways to do it.

First, Stripe offers a client-side checkout integration that provides you with a block of code to embed in your site. When your client clicks the button it takes them to a Stripe hosted checkout where they complete their payment. The issue with this is the checkout is assigned to a Price ID on a product. So if you had a Deposit product, you could have several different prices assigned to that product, but the checkout button itself that gets embedded can only be assigned to one of these prices. If you have an intermediate knowledge of Javascript you can start to manipulate how this works but, the price id’s have to be defined already.

Alternatively, I would just suggest using the online Stripe Dashboard.

  1. Create a customer
  2. Create an invoice for that customer
  3. You can type Deposit as a line item and use it as a one-off item on every invoice, then choose the amount
  4. Click send, email gets sent to customer with Stripe hosted payment link

Depending on how your workflow is set up, there is a chance you could already have customers created in Stripe using a simple automation with Zapier.

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I maybe confused here. If they are a Brick and Mortar business, you are still building a website for them through which you want the customers to pay a deposit correct?

If that is the case, you can have a button that says Pay Deposit, that would then take them to Stripe Checkout, which can be customized to the brand colors as seen here.

Also, adding on to @Andrew_Coderre, the Zapier integration is a great automation option. You can read more about Zapier + Stripe integration on Webflow.

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Okay awesome, thank you both! Much appreciated.