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Can Magento and Webflow be integrated?

So I’m pretty solid on webflow, using shopify and ecwid and such. I love the CMS and the ability to edit so easily and with my boss wanting content updated constantly, webflow seems the way to go.

However he wants to use Magento because of the ecommerce platform. The decision was made before I was brought on. I’ve studied Magento’s CMS documentation and such extensively and feel like I could export the webflow code and create a template. But as many of you know magento has a really specific way of doing this and to break down that code to import will take a ton of work. Not to mention each time I need to update something I would have to do that as well!

Here’s what I would like to know.

-has anyone successfully created a magento template that is updated daily and have any tips or secrets.
-I know I can embed the magento store with an iframe to webflow, but this seems like it would be just as much work since we have over 1400 products and each has about 4 variations. But this would also give me the flexibility of the webflow CMS. Has anyone done this?
-could I embed webflow elements into the Magento page (Blog posts, pictures, content) so that I can easily change them?

Essentially at this point I’m staring down 2 long roads, the one I would rather take (Start from scratch with webflow) or the one I don’t (anything magento).

Anyone who has worked with magento… any suggestions are welcome.

Hi @taterscotts (love the username :wink: ) That is a good question.

I’m not sure you can integrate Magento into Webflow, but here is a full list of e-commerce platforms that do work with Webflow: E-commerce solutions that work with your Webflow hosted project

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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