Can it be done in webflow? Apple Watch website scroll effect

Hi there,

I’m curious if anyone has done a similar scroll effect or can comment about how to accomplish the Apple Watch website? My client would be very happy if it can be replicated.

Specifically, I’d like to recreate the 4 sections after the hero section with scrolling text and the background image stays fixed, but scrolls out of view when the bottom of the section is reached.


Hi @DigtalCrusader,

Here’s a live example of what you’re looking for, it’s available to clone for ease of use

Hope this help :slight_smile:


That helps @nwdsha. I’m also wondering about a sticky headers per section when scrolling through. Do you know any solutions for that?

I’m glad it was useful to you @DigtalCrusader. Here’s a Webflow video tutorial for sticky headers

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