Can installing Webflow apps slow down your site?

I am curious can installing too many Webflow apps slow down your website?

Does anyone have any experience of this happening? I am curious about installing too many apps for fear that it might slow down my site. I know when I used to be on WordPress, having too many apps almost always led to the deterioration of site speed.

Thank you.

hi @RyanUK generally speaking yes. Any additional “plugin” can have impact on website performance due its code complexity and code quality. Main issue with these plugins or if you would like to call these “apps” is their maintenance. This means how each plugin will be maintained over the years eg. compatible with older and newer WF versions etc. etc.

You have to keep in mind that WF is layer over React that changes a lot and most probably will turn to signals in the future so there will be another big jump.

All these small bits should be taken in consideration before installing any app into WF

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I was just reading on WF website about these “Apps” and for me a biggest pitfall is that they can’t be installed on project bases. You can imagine you have 100 project and you’ve applied plugin(s) on 37 of these. When plugging stops for any reason working or you would like to use another with better performance or with regular maintenance etc. etc. and you will need to remove it…

These 37 project will be corrupted and you will need to update 37 projects in shortest possible time because of clients. What else, find these 37 projects where plugin is used can be challenging and set maintenance mode page on all of them until you finish changes on all effected sites.

Or you will have to set “my little diary” and keep updating notes what project and what plugin was used. Maybe WF has some tool where you can oversee what and on which project. :man_shrugging:

If you use plugging on all 100 projects I will be very sorry for you.