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Can I use webflow to make Marketing Flyers?


I’m new to webflow and am working on still finishing up my 1st site. I recently got a flyer order and saw in the designer tutorial video from Webflow that it says we can make “announcement flyers”. I am wondering if that means I can use the interface to design regular marketing flyers, to be used for print?

Here is the link to where I read that (it’s in the 1st paragraph).

I would love to know if this is true or not so I don’t waste my time trying to design something.

If it’s not, does anyone know of any FREE software I can use to design a quick marketing flyer? I need to have it done by later tonight.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

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Hi there @northmoniker. With Webflow you’re designing for the webb and screens. The code generated is HTML, CSS and JS. You can use CSS for print read more here:

If it is just flyers you’re making and they don’t really need to be generated by a web page I would do them the old fashioned way with a tool made for printing.

Good Luck :grinning:

What do you think of Canva? I was going to use it then I saw that I had to pay a lot just to remove the watermark and then to license each one of the photos. I was thinking about using Adobe Spark instead.

Thanks Jorn!

I will look into that. I want to use webflow because I am investing so much time in learning UI that it would be more practical (time-wise) for me to be able to do everything from there even if it’s not exactly designed for it. If it does the job then that would be fine with me.

Are there any limitations/drawbacks that you know of that would be a good reason to stay away from webflow for print ?

Drawback and limitations is that you can’t use the Webflow UI for this. You’ll need to add the special css code manually. But when you’re done you could use Collections and create different prints from a template you made and that is pretty cool. But making single prints as you making a single page design in the designer is not ideal. From my experience and prospective I would not use Webflow for that.