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Can I use webflow to hosting my webpage?

Hi Webflow Forum!

Todays easy question is about hosting. I have nearly created my webpage in Webflow and I want to see how it would look in reality and I need someone to host it. I can see in the forum that I can use Webflow for it but when I go to, “Hosting” and scroll down I click on “Add a custom domain” I have to chose between, “Add an existing” and “Buy new domain”? I know my domain does not exist, that what I want so, do I have to “Buy” one using Google or…? The price at Google is roughly 15 dollar/year…?!

Thanks in advance all great helpers out there!



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You can buy a domain at any registrar you want – not only Google.

Webflow university has a few articles about domains:


THANKS, I figure it out!

I have another question I(I ALWAYS have questions about Workblow!) that you maybe can dig into? Its once again, a easy one to answer? In the bottom of my webpage I have my footer (not really finished yet…) but I cannot make it centered, what do I have to do to fix that? I have been trying a ,ot of things now but havent figure it out… In Laptop, Tabloid, Mobile Portrait, Mobile Landscape its not centered?