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Can I Use Webflow to create a Site for Schools, in which students could log on to see test results, upcoming events etc

Good day Webflow Community,

I have an idea for a website that I would like to persue, but I don’t know if Webflow and it’s addons would make it possible.

So the idea is to create a site that schools can sign up to, and offer students the option to create a paid account with the school (very affordable and as a way for that school to gain income, as schools in my area struggle with funding).

[How I would like sign up to work]
The school would sign up for a school account, and they would keep a list of paying student email adresses (in a Google Sheets spreadsheet?). (The school will ask them for their email address, password and secondary email addresses for parent/guardian access.) The student would then go onto the site and then press log in. They would enter a ‘school code’ which is assigned to the school. (This is used as a school picker instead of having all the schools laid out, for privacy reasons) When they enter in a valid school code, it would ask them to enter in their details to log in. If their credentials are correct, it would take them to their ‘dashboard’, outlined in the next paragraph. The Google Sheets spreadsheet would keep track of a date that the student’s access expires, unless the student keeps paying for the service. If the student does not pay, they would either (not have an account with the school, since they have not applied in the first place or they stopped paying for the service (In which there should be a [Access = True] next to their name, or in a defined cell in the same row.) If Access = False, the student would not be given access and would be handed a Subscription Expired message.

This login service should be able to allow each student (once they are a paying student) to access their personal ‘dashboard’ (with an account/email address) where they would be able to see their test scores in a graph and history of results from tests etc. Their parents/guardians would also be able to see this dashboard (with secondary accounts/email adresses.) It would also provide information about upcoming school events, such as swim meet etc.
I think I would have to have this information (test scores, events etc.) in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, I don’t know if there is an easier way to do it.

Is this project of mine possible on Webflow? And can someone shed some light on addons/ integrations that would help me to do it?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

You’d probably need external services, such as Memberstack (for content gating) and Zapier/Integromat (for automation).

Feel free to DM me if you’re looking to hire a developer to achieve this. If you’re looking to do this yourself, I’ll try and find a couple of helpful videos for you to start learning - but be prepared to put some serious time into learning if you’re new to this!

Thank you so much for responding!
I’m planning on doing this myself (as it’s actually for a school project (design an app/website to solve a problem (Problem: In my country, test results are still sent out as report cards and students may not know when the next event is etc.) And i want to digitize some of this.)
I’ll take the time to learn how to do this, and would appreciate any material you can share.

No problem at all!

So for Webflow if you’re pretty new to it, I’ll give you the standard resource of Webflow University.

As a minimum, you’ll need to understand how to design basic sites. There’s a few good courses in the link above, I recommend that you work through them all.

For the use-case you describe in your first post, you’ll need to make use of the Webflow CMS. So make sure that you cover this topic in Webflow University so that you’re familiar with it!

Once you are familiar with Webflow and can start to move onto more advanced projects, Mackenzie Child has this super cool video series in which he shows you how to make a membership site using Webflow, Memberstack, Zapier and Airtable. If you follow this through and manage to create a similar site, you will then have a solid understanding of the principles that can be applied to create the project you describe above (essentially a personalised dashboard).

As I said, if you’re new to all of this, expect to spend quite some time learning all of this. You won’t pick it all up overnight! Don’t be disheartened if concepts take a while to pick up - take it slow, take it easy, and enjoy the process.

You may also like this link if you are studying: Your school/educator can set up a free Team account, and you can subsequently receive a 90% discount on the CMS plan you would require to make this project work.


Yes, I am pretty new to this type of stuff, and thank you for the material! I will try to make good use of it!

You’re welcome, good luck!

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