Can I use codrops plugins for my website?

Hi guys.
I am currently working on my website portfolio and noticed that one of the plugins from coodrops works great with my site.

I wanted to ask if it is possible for me to use that plugin without violating any rights.
I will change the images, text and some of the animations from it but the basic animation they use (it is a slider) I will keep it.

I can probably develop the whole animation myself but it will take me time so I found it easier if I simply used their plugin instead.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I don’t see why not, unless you have to add snippets into the top of the header. I don’t think WF has the ability give access to ‘above header’ since we’re using their server. I think this is right, but check with support directly. This has been discussed before and I’m not sure of the answer yet.