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Can I use an external web hosting provider in Hongkong?

Hi there, can I use a web hosting provider in Hong Kong? If I create a site with Webflow, do I have to use Webflow hosting?

Hi @marco1229, you can export the code and do whatever you want with it. Please see the following articles: https://help.webflow.com/topic/code-export

if you export it… you can host it anywhere.

UK2 Group has a really nice data center in Hong Kong.


They have a ridiculous 324TB bandwidth on their servers.

You need to find a host that uses that dc.

thks so i can export the code and host it in my hongkong hosting ?

Yes, you can do whatever you want with it. But you won’t be able to import back into Webflow. CMS data will not be able to be exported though.

so ho can i modify my site? modify through webflow e re-export the code ? thks Samliew:yum:


This is how it works.

You design the website in Webflow

  • then you export the website.

When you export the Website

  • you will get a clean readable copy of your html and css files.
  • you can do whatever you want with the code.

In addition to the incredible interface… the above statement is partially why most of us (and I) - love Webflow.

You can then upload the your (copy of the) code (html / css) to your own host.

To modify your website

  • you either need to change it in Webflow
  • or change the html / css on your server.

If you make the changes on Webflow

  • you can re-export the site and replace the existing code on your host with the new code.

If you make the changes to your html / css files

  • you cannot import the changes.

This means… if you want to use Webflow to update your website

  • you must keep of a copy of the Project on Webflow.

If you delete the Project on Webflow

  • you will have nothing to change… except your copy of the source code.

There is no import feature.

The export feature also requires at least a Personal Plan… which is $16 a month.

See here: https://webflow.com/dashboard/account/plans


thk u very much my friend! so clearly ! love u