Can i upload manifest file to webflow

I am working for a client who uses webflow. We want to implement browser push notifications on the website.
for the implementation, I need to place a manifest.json file in the root directory of the website and also a worker.js file . is it possible on webflow ?

If the site is hosted by Webflow, not at the moment.

Is this the only solution? Can’t those file be linked from an outside location?

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thanks vincent
but chrome requires the worker file and manifest strictly to be in a location consisting of the root domain. So hosting it somewhere else and linking is not an option.

any plans for you guys to implement some sort of file upload to the system when using webflow hosting ?

What Vincent is saying is, if you need to modify the project and include files, you need to export your project and host elsewhere (including pointing your domain to the new server).

thanks samliew

we did think in that direction. but the client likes the ease of webflow solution. and doesn’t want to handle the hassle of hosting the files in another server.
so right now we will only be able to implement this if there is some sort of solution at the webflow side :sweat_smile:

Which Vincent has mentioned that there is no such functionality at the moment.

Feel free to vote/mention it here


:stuck_out_tongue: ya got it. but sometimes you just can’t stop wishing.
will try to see if there is any work around :slight_smile: .

thanks for the help :thumbsup:

Don’t lose the faith! :wink:

I hope you find a solution that suits you in the meantime.

Thanks @samliew

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