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Can I upload a file?

I’m being asked to upload a file to my website for ownership verification (not GA). Is there a way I can add hit something.html file to my webspace?

Hi @monsta

At this time, you cannot upload other files besides images. But i’m curious, what type of code is needed for verification? If its simple HTML, then you can add it to either your custom code area or use an Embed component:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Short answer, no. Thanks.

They want me to upload a file. I can’t simply add code to my existing pages.

may i ask what service or what type of code is being crawled in order to verify site ownership?

That’s not really important.

I’ve been asked to upload an HTML file that they’ll check exists so they can verify the site is mine.

No, Webflow does not allow uploading of custom files to their server.

PixelGeek asked what service requires this. Based on your answer you have two options:

  1. Proceed with alternate verification

  2. Change service

@monsta, if P&C is a matter, you could try private messaging @PixelGeek to have your problem sorted out. That’s what I did previously when I had projects that require their help and was under NDA.

Really it’s fine. I only needed the question of uploading files answered, for which the answer was no.

I’ve used a manual process external to my site to verify so I’m all sorted, but definitely being able to upload files would be useful.

My website on Webflow is for my downloadable software, but I have to host it elsewhere and link to it, which isn’t ideal.

@monsta. The ability to upload files is coming soon :slight_smile: Stay tuned :slightly_smiling:

p.s. For anyone who wants to verify their site with Google Analytics, the method to use is the HTML Metatag verification method, not the file upload method:

I hope this helps!

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