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Can I undo a symbol without deleting it?

The question is really that easy.
I made a symbol on my page, but now that the symbol is there, I cannot undo it any longer.
So now i’m stuck with a symbol that I’ve put a lot of effort in creating.

deleting a symbol will not delete the elements on the canvas. It will just delete that symbol.

so go delete it. make edits to the elements. then make a new symbol. =)

That’s what I thought too, but I cannot delete is. See in the picture that the “recycle bin” is almost invisible?

To delete the symbol you have to have 0 instances of that on your website. Simply click on every instance of that symbol and UNLINK it first (that broken chain icon). Once you have 0 instances you will be able to remove it easily.


My god, that something can be so simple. Thank you, as always, @bartekkustra :smiley:

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