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Can i Subscribe another Account with Same Credit Card?

I already manage a personal account but i have need for another of team member to get on board. So i can use the card for my account to get his own set-up?


yup! or you can:

  1. start a team plan
  2. downgrade your own account to the free plan
  3. sign your team member up for the free plan
  4. invite your team member into the team plan

1 credit card, 1 bill, 1 dashboard, 2 people :smile:

That will be expensive for me at $70 monthly at the moment. I’ll definitely get the team account but not now.
What i need to know is if i can sign up my the account (for my brother actually) with the same credit card i used for mine? :wink:

yup. you can use the same credit card on any other account :smile:

Thats great to know. And i’ve signed up for the CMS beta. Please don’t let it pass me by :wink:

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