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Can I style an H1 header with different font styles?

Hello everybody

I’m new to Webflow and I searched this forum and did not find an answer to my question. I’m trying to set up a website for my business and I have made a beautiful design in AdobeXD. But now I wonder if I can do the styling I have imagined to my H1 headers …?

Is it possible to style 1 H1 header with two different font styles? (Heavy & Book)

H1 different styles

I have attached a screenshot of the designed header from XD. I haven’t set it up in Webflow yet so I can’t share a live link.

I hope someone can help me out …?

Thanks in advance!


Yes this is possible with Webflow.

This can easily be done with Webflow.

You can check out 2 articles from the Webflow University which will help you to achieve this.

1.) Typography | Webflow University
2.) Classes | Webflow University

Hope that helps.

Thanks I will go and check them out! :smiley:

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